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“These developments are of great concern to our organization. We support the NHL’s decision to suspend Slava Voynov indefinitely during this process, and we will continue to take appropriate action as the legal proceedings and the investigation by the NHL take their course.”
- LA Kings statement in regards to the arrest of Slava Voynov

NHL Star Slava Voynov -- Domestic Violence Victim Hospitalized


Kings player Slava Voynov arrested on suspicion of domestic violence


Voynov’s court date is on the 22nd


Note to NHL Fans:

Seeing post in the tags telling los angeles to “Stay classy” and calling the players “scum bags” because of an arrest is not appropriate. We currently know very little about the arrest and what type of domestic violence is being investigated and if there will be charges pressed. Watch what you say because when you say these things, you open yourself up for the exact same criticism.


Los Angeles Kings defenseman Slava Voynov suspended indefinitely, pending investigation


Props to the NHL and the club for suspending Voynov indefinitely during the investigastion